Behind the Desk

Greg Clark has over 44 years experience in sound management.

Starting as a cart boy at 5KA and moving through the ranks of production manager, announcer, TV presenter, freelance voiceover artist & more lately, studio owner.

In the Booth

He engineers and he can voice as well.

"Working with the pros for years, some of the best there has been, something had to rub off"

An Ear for Detail

"Just keep your ears open"

Listening is the key, not just in the workplace, but throughout life in general. The more you take in the more you learn. Everything you hear has a story, it's my job to disseminate how it is constructed. Just listening to the tones of voices in conversation is rewarding.

Since 1997

The Facility

Greg Clark Productions has been at the forefront of commercial audio production in Adelaide since late 1997. Originally setup to service the outsourced needs of one TV station it blossomed to become the most prominent on air audio producer in South Australia. Along the way, the National clients hooked on for the ride & some have shared nearly 15 years of loyal service. Always at the cutting-edge with the latest record/edit software, gcprod has evolved through a myriad of formats. Initially mastering on 1/4" tape, through DAT, Zip Disk, through to the full resolution wavs downloads requested by TV & Radio stations & video edit suites the length & breadth of Australia


Next Steps...

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