TV comercial audio.

Probably our biggest component of work.

As you may know TV audio now has to be mastered to a strictly high standard. We take care of all of that and deliver it with no charge.


Radio commercials are big business. Whilst not as stringent as TV audio  radio commercial sound has to meet certain parameters to be considered for airing.

Once again we take care of all those considerations. Again with free delivery.


You would be surprised how many people have popped by with all sorts of audio woes. "How do I get Grandpa's funeral transferred from this reel to reel tape?" "Can I get this vinyl album transferred to CD?" "Can I get this cassette converted to an mp3?"

We have heard them all and have assembled almost a museum's worth of machinery to make magic happen.



Just how much do you need to know before you start work at Santos?

What are the safety concerns to need to be aware of at Techport?

How does that washing machine work?

What will be said at the upcoming seminar?

We have recorded audio for all these situations and more.

If it needs to be said, put it down for posterity with us.

Movie ADR

Got a movie project and need to post sync some lines that got trashed on set?

Or need to substitute some new script lines?

Join the queue.

Been there and done that too.


Next Steps...

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